Orlando Family Dentistry

Here at Watson Dental Care our main goal is to provide dental service to the entire family. That is why we focus on family-oriented dentistry. We make our facility fully accessible to patients and aim to make our patients feel at home. You and your loved ones are at the heart of the clinic. We offer comfortable and well-equipped treatment and waiting areas to satisfy all our patients’ needs and wants. Watson Dental Care works with each patient to provide the best dental care possible. We understand the importance of providing for family. That is why we practice preventive oral care. We strive to teach every patient different ways to prevent the growth of future oral problems because patients would spend less in the clinic. Oral problems can happen in an instant. That is why it is important to practice preventive oral care to avoid dealing with oral problems. We conduct various comprehensive oral examinations, giving you the best service possible. What is not known to preventive dentistry is that basic oral examinations, routine cleanings, flossing, sealants and fluoride are tremendously important. These procedures must be conducted regularly to prevent oral problems from occurring.

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Watson Dentistry

We at Watson Dentistry are very proud with the family-oriented philosophy we practice in our office. We want to give patients all they need for enjoying their dental experience. Our staff and medical professionals strive to go the extra mile to provide optimal comfort. Our facilities are made to be family-friendly. Our medical professionals are experienced working with patients of all ages. We offer a wide variety of procedures to guarantee an effective dental service for you. Our dental professionals, Dr. Sangalang and Dr. Watson both understand the importance of providing dental care for the whole family. That is why they are trained to deal with oral problems of all ages.

Here at Watson Dentistry, we offer the best dental care in Orlando, Fla.

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What Dental Care Services Do We Offer?

If you are not happy with your smile or just need a simple checkup, we are your answer. Here at Watson Dental, we provide services varying from simple cleanings to dental restoration. We offer procedures from Cosmetic Dentistry, such as teeth whitening and veneers to Restorative dentistry, which includes dental fillings and dentures. These are not the only dental services we offer. Our medical professionals, Dr. Sangalang and Dr. Watson are trained to give patients the dental care they deserve. Here at Watson Dental, we offer different methods and techniques to provide your smile with the natural shine it originally had. So don’t delay in contacting us now. Visit us today or call (407) 351-3213 for an appointment.