Dental X-Rays

It is very important to get dental examinations periodically to ensure your teeth are healthy. One of the best ways to see if anything wrong is an X-ray. Here at Watson Dental, we use X-rays to evaluate the condition of the oral cavity. It is a common practice among medical professionals to take X-rays, which are digital images that are created from taking pictures of teeth, bones and soft tissues around the overall oral cavity to identify any problems with the teeth, mouth and jaw. X-rays can show all dental structures that are not visible to the naked eye. Our medical professionals, Dr. Watson and Dr. Sangalang use X-rays to provide our patients with a more accurate diagnosis.

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Why Are X-Rays Important?

Just like any examination, the sole purpose is to identify if anything is wrong. X-rays allow us to see what we normally couldn’t see. X-rays can show simple fractures or even the presence of gum disease, cavities, abscesses and tumors. They also can determine the location of teeth that have not fully developed or impacted teeth. X-rays also are a preventive measure. From the information we get from the X-ray, we can diagnose and treat oral problems before they become severe and very expensive. X-rays have many uses in determining the well being of the patient. We make sure every patient gets an oral X-ray to provide you with the best treatment possible.

What Are the Different Types of X-Rays?

There are many different types of X-rays that can be administered depending on the individual’s need or what our medical professionals are expecting to see. “Bitewing X-rays” are the most common X-rays conducted by dental professionals. The patients are required to bite down on a piece of plastic with X-ray film. The bitewing X-ray can identify the presence of decay in the oral cavity. Dentists also commonly use periapical X-ray. This X-ray can give our medical professionals the entire image of the tooth including the roots. This X-ray provides information about the patient’s tooth structure, bone level and tumors or abscesses.

Why Choose Us Dental Care As Your Dental Care Provider?

We believe that we can offer our patients the best dental care possible at an affordable price. Our dentists, Dr. Watson and Dr. Sangalang, are versed in a wide variety of procedures varying from Restorative to Cosmetic Dentistry. We aim to to provide our dental services to patients of all ages so please bring your loved ones. Our staff strives to provide a comfortable and enjoyable dental experience. If you have any concern about your oral health or just want to simple cleaning please visit us. Here at Watson Dentistry, we treat all of our patients like family.

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