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Dentures are artificial teeth intended to replace natural missing teeth supported by the oral cavity. People use dentures to replace lost teeth, to smile with confidence and enjoy a healthy diet. The two types of dentures include full/complete dentures and partial dentures. Full or complete dentures replace all the natural teeth and support the lower and upper jaws. Partial dentures cover the gaps left by missing or lost teeth, and they are connected to your natural teeth using metal clasps known as precision attachments.

Here at Watson Dental Care, we invite you to make an appointment with Dr. Sangalang, who can assess your specific needs and recommend the right treatment for dentures. Below you will find some of the questions you might be asking about dentures, and we are proud to welcome you at Watson Dental Care for further solutions of your dental needs.

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Why Should You Use Dentures?

Full dentures, which replace all your teeth, fit comfortably over your gums and help you to speak well, eat with comfort and improve your confidence or self-esteem. If you have spaces between your teeth, then the neighboring teeth may move to occupy some of the spaces, and this process might lead to misaligned or crooked teeth. The process could also affect the way you chew and might impair your neighboring teeth.

Therefore, you should use partial dentures to support the teeth that might be affected.

Will Dentures Make You Look Different?

Replacing missing teeth is helpful for your appearance and health. Full or complete dentures replace your natural teeth and support your upper and lower jaw. When this support is absent, sagging facial muscles could make you appear older, and you can have difficulties eating and speaking properly.

Dr. Sangalang works professionally to ensure dentures design complement with your natural teeth so that your appearance barely changes. Our modern dentures can improve and recover your smile and facial appearance.

How Long Does the New Denture Procedure Take?

It does not take long for you to obtain a brand new smile. When Dr. Sangalang has examined you and established you are a patient for dentures, the denture-fitting procedure can start immediately. The time between fitting the immediate dentures and fitting the permanent dentures may vary, depending on your condition.

At Watson Dental Care, we always desire to see you happy with your new smile, and we are also happy to respond to any questions you may have concerning the dental procedure.

How Often Should I Consult my Dentist?

It is important to have frequent dental checkups and professional cleaning of your teeth since these are crucial for keeping your gums and teeth healthy. Dr. Sangalang recommends a dental checkup at least once per year. Regular visits at Watson Dental Care allow Dr. Sangalang to examine the soft sections of your mouth, together with the tongue and jaws. These examinations are crucial so that Dr. Sangalang can detect any infections, mouth disorders or even oral cancer in early stages. Full-denture patients should confirm with Dr. Sangalang about how regularly they should visit.

Why Choose Watson Dental Care

Our regular professional care, dedication and excellence, makes you become one of the thousands of people who use our dentures with a smile and confidence. Our denture process is also offered at convenient and affordable prices. We want to satisfy all our clients.

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