Teeth Cleaning

Are you someone who brushes twice a day? Do you floss once a day? Even if you are, it is important to get a teeth cleaning every now and then. Teeth cleaning has many more benefits than just better breath and whiter smile. It is important to maintain optimal dental health. To avoid oral problems, take the preventive measures. Teeth cleaning by a dental professional is an important preventive step. Teeth cleaning maintains the overall oral hygiene. If oral hygiene is not maintained, many severe problems can occur such as diabetes. Research has shown a relationship among hygiene and occurrence of gum disease and stroke. Another study concluded that more than 90 percent of all full body diseases start from the oral cavity. The other problems that may occur from improper hygiene are diabetes, leukemia and pancreatic cancer. Here at Watson Dental Care, we want to give you a beautiful smile, but we also care about providing you with the best dental care to improve your oral health. Dr. Watson and Dr. Sangalang strive to provide optimal dental service to all patients.

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Why Is Teeth Cleaning Important?

There are many reasons on why teeth cleaning is important. Normal brushing and flossing can not remove the hardened plaque that stains your teeth. Stains may occur from plaque or from drinking coffee often. The teeth cleaning removes those stains so your smile has as much shine as possible. Teeth cleaning also can lead to better overall breath. Teeth cleaning prevents oral problems that can occur from the buildup of bacteria such as gingivitis, bone loss, cavities and even oral cancer! Teeth cleanings are serious and need to be performed regularly. If you feel like you are long over due for a tooth cleaning, visit us today. Our medical professionals aim to provide the best service possible.

What Can You Expect From a Cleaning?

Here at Watson Dental, we will conduct a cleaning on your first dental visit. After a cleaning is done, we expect that you still floss and brush twice a day. We recommend a teeth cleaning procedure should take place every six months. The cleaning may consist of an electric instrument called the ultrasonic scaler. This uses sound waves to break up the plaque so the cleaning can be deep and thorough. With this, the hardened plaque that can not get off by simply brushing and flossing can be removed. We provide the newest technology to make your experience quick, comfortable and enjoyable. Our teeth cleanings also include tooth polishing, flossing and a fluoride treatment rinse. We offer fluoride of all different flavors.

Why Us?

At Watson Dentistry, we aim to provide affordable and effective medical care. Our dentists, Dr. Watson and Dr. Sangalang are experts in various dental techniques and procedures. To learn more please, check the other pages on our site. We believe in providing you with a smile you want.

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