Teeth Whitening

Do you want brighter teeth that will stand out whenever you enter a room and flash your smile at the people you see? We’re willing to bet you probably do. Unfortunately, after years of irregular habits, many people notice that the natural color of their teeth will start to diminish. This usually comes with stains and other discolorations that can really make your smile look unappealing.
Luckily, Watson Dental Care is here for you. We provide a variety of different teeth whitening options that can whiten your teeth by up to 8 shades, and the treatments likely aren’t going to take nearly as much effort on your part as you may think. To schedule your appointment for teeth whitening treatments, give us a call today at (407)361-3213. We’ll be happy to find a time for you to come in that works best with your schedule.

I’ve Been Using Over The Counter Treatments And Haven’t Noticed Results, So What Can I Expect To Be Different At Watson Dental Care?

If you’re someone who has used OTC treatments to get a brighter smile, it’s understandable that you may be displeased with the results that you’ve had. The truth is that many people rely on OTC treatments because they are inexpensive and they can be purchased at your local grocery store or supermarket. However, in reality these treatments can provide average results, but they often take a lot of time and it can be quite messy as you try and apply them each day.

For example, some patients will rely on OTC white strips, but these can require that you put them on your mouth twice a day for 30 minutes each! That’s certainly way too long, especially when you don’t get the results that you expected. Other OTC options include bleach trays or paint-on alternatives, but they take equally as long and rarely provide amazing results.

It’s Time To Try Something New

Here at Watson Dental Care, we can provide you with professional bleach trays that are going to be at least twice as effective as any OTC method that you’ll try. To get set up with professional bleach trays, you just need to visit our office one time and we will then provide you with a kit that you can use at home. Although the treatment will need to be applied for at least one hour per day, you can rest assured knowing that the results are going to be much better than anything you’ll be able to get over-the-counter.

If you want to get even better results in a quicker timeframe, then it’s time you consider ZOOM! teeth whitening. ZOOM! takes just one hour of your time and it’ll provide you with the best results available on the market. In addition, ZOOM! is ideal for those that have sensitive teeth but still want to have a brighter smile.

If you’ve tried other whitening treatments and haven’t been satisfied with the results, don’t give up yet! Instead, give us a call today (407)361-3213. At Watson Dental Care, we aim to provide you with the services you need for a smile that you’ll love.

Zoom! Professional Teeth Whitening

Have you ever considered how important your smile is to your physical appearance? Most people will tell you that your smile is the first thing that they notice about a person, and it often will dictate how comfortable they feel around you. The question is: is your smile making people feel welcomed and relaxed, or is it something that makes people feel uneasy and nervous? If your teeth are not white, you could be running the risk that people don’t enjoy being in your company. While it’s nothing against you personally, you can’t change the fact that people often equate white teeth with proper oral hygiene and good overall health.

For those that are hoping to brighten their smile, Zoom! teeth whitening could be exactly what you need. To schedule your Zoom! treatment today, give Watson Dental Care a call at (407) 351-3213. We’ll find a time that works best for you to give us a visit, and you’ll be able to achieve the beautiful white smile that you’ve always dreamed of.

What is The Difference Between Zoom! And Over-The-Counter Options?

Over-the-counter teeth whitening strips are some of the most popular cosmetic dental options in the world. This because they are easy to purchase at your local grocery store or supermarket, and they typically aren’t a huge investment that is going to cost you a lot of money. However, you certainly get what you pay for when it comes to cosmetic dental treatments.

Although Zoom! whitening is going to be more of a financial investment than OTC whitening strips, we’ve heard from countless patients that it’s well worth it. OTC strips are often messy and hard to apply, and they typically don’t last that long either. However, the Zoom! professional teeth whitening process is going to take much less time, and still provide you with much better results.

Zoom! teeth whitening takes just one hour in our office, and we will carry out the entire treatment for you. We then have follow-up trays that you can use at home, but these are fitted to you, so you won’t have to worry about the mess that is commonly associated with OTC strips.

Does Zoom! Professional Teeth Whitening Hurt?

If you have sensitive teeth, you may feel a bit of discomfort during the Zoom! treatment. That being said, most patients are able to come to our office for the Zoom! treatment during their lunch break, and they have no problem heading back to work once their appointment is over. You can rest assured knowing that Watson Dental Care will do whatever we can in order to make this a comfortable experience. We know just how important your smile can be, and we’ll go above and beyond to ensure that you are happy with the results that you get from Zoom! teeth whitening.

If you have any other questions that weren’t addressed here, or if you are simply fed up with stained and discolored teeth and ready to change your life, then give us a call today at (407) 351-3213 to schedule an appointment.